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Find my log in email address

This is the email that you used to register for the event. It is also the email that has been used for all communications about this event.

Log in immediately after registration for the event

The process is not automatic. If you registered after November 27, your will not have access to the platform until December 10. Please note that anybody who registered to the event after November 27 will not be able to be listed on the EJM Candidate directory.  

Once the process is completed you will receive an email from with information on how to log in for the first time.

Access the sessions

Sessions can only be accessed through the LOG IN area. To log in, please click on the Log in button at the top of the homepage, using the email you used for your registration to the event.

Navigate the Log In area

The log in area is your access to the networking areas and scientific sessions, and it is where you can build your agenda. The only noticeable addition that you see in log in are the networking buttons (from Noticeboard across to Account Settings). You search the programme and presenters in the top navigational bar. The secondary navigational bar is informative, while the third is the networking. All the text on the particular page you are in appears when you scroll down.

Search for a specific presenter

Go to Full Programme, and click in the name, in the speaker field, of the person you are looking for. This field is set in “auto-predict” so by clicking a number of letters of the person’s name you are looking for will bring up a list of results. Once you find the presenter's name, a list of connected sessions will come up. Please note that you can also use the alphabetical list on the Presenter's page too. 

Search by day

You can also search by day, and then refine your search by title or type. Go to the Full Programme and click on the boxed numbers that appear above the networking bar.

See who is participating in the congress

In the Participants page, which is accessible only when you are logged in, you can see all the people who have registered to attend the event. These include both presenters, candidates and non. If you want to see the list of presenters and / or candidates only, please click on these buttons.

Understand the time zone of the congress

All times, by default, refer to CET (Central European Time). The CET sign is visible in all areas of the programme. However, each participant can set its own time zone. To do this, please click on "Set Time Zone", which appears when you are logged in.


There are a number of ways to network. You can pin a note to the noticeboard to leave a general announcement (to leave one, please press the ADD button when you are inside the Noticeboard) area, send direct messages to one or a group of delegates, enter the Nottingham Coffee Corner and have some conversations with your colleagues. You can book some breakout rooms in the Corner for smaller group conversations. Info on how to do this on written on the page. 

Join a session (as a Chair and presenter)

As already communicated in emails sent over the past few weeks, we are using ZOOM as the default video conference platform. As already communicated, you are expected to enter the session 15 minutes before its scheduled start to do some testing and to meet with the chair and your co-presenters to discuss structure of session and how to handle Q&A. To enter your session, click on the JOIN ROOM button in the SESSION pages. You will link out to ZOOM. You will not receive any specific ZOOM link. Please click here for the technical info that was sent out in earlier emails.

Join a session (as a participant)

We are using ZOOM as the default video conference platform. To enter your session, or any other session you want to attend, click on the JOIN ROOM button in the page about the session you want to attend (the button will only appear during the congress and when you are logged into the platform.  You will link out to ZOOM. You will not receive any specific ZOOM link. There will be a ZOOM “room manager” (students from ERASMUS University Rotterdam and University of Nottingham), who will be waiting to admit you to the session. Please note that there is a waiting room activated, and you may not be admitted to the session until the official scheduled start time. 


For the best user experience, we strongly recommend that you download / update ZOOM to the latest version. Please allow lots of time to do this – not just before your session is due to start.

A Prerequisite is that ZOOM desktop client is installed on your computer. If you have not got Zoom already installed on your device, please read here

For those of you unfamiliar with ZOOM, this ZOOM video is very helpful.

Build my agenda

Go to “Full Programme”, scroll down the list of sessions and click to “Favourite” the sessions you want to attend. To view your agenda, please click the star button that appears under the Network in Nottingham Coffee Corner button. Please note that the option to build your agenda is only actionable when you are in log in. 

Ensure a successful session for the presenters and yourselves

•    We encourage you to keep your video on, even as a participant, as it makes the session more interacting. Please do turn it off, however, if there is background disturbance / privacy issues.

•    Please keep yourself on mute all times, unless you are asked to unmute by the Chair.

•    Please do ensure that your name appears as your full name, and not any nick-name. If you do not know how to rename yourself, please write a private chat to the room assistant, who can help you.

•    When there are slide presentations, for a more engaging viewing, you choose your “View Options” to “Side-by-Side” mode (for the slides) and then choose “Speaker” view (for the speakers).

•    If you want to ask a question, you use the “raise your hand” icon (which is found from the Participants’ section).

•    If you are in a meeting of over 20 people, please set you “Video Setting” to “Display up to 49 participants per screen in Gallery View” (set in your ZOOM video setting).

•    Remember the golden rule – Please be polite and respectful at all times.