On job market

Amirabas Salarkia

London School of Economics

I am a PhD candidate in Finance at the London School of Economics.

Deniz Sanin

Georgetown University

I am a 5th-year Economics Ph.D. Candidate at Georgetown University. My main fields of interest are development economics and labor economics. I use both theory and empirical methods in my research.

I will be presenting my paper "Do Domestic Violence Laws Protect Women from Domestic Violence?: Evidence from Rwanda".

Dilek Sayedahmed

Concordia University


My name is Dilek. I am a Turkish-Canadian montréalaise, who was born in Ankara, Turkey. I am a Doctoral Researcher and job market candidate in Economics at Concordia University. My dissertation advisor is Prof. Szilvia PAPAI. My research combines ideas from algorithm design, social choice theory, and refugee studies. I design algorithms with deep social impact.

I completed my BA in Mathematics and Economics at the University of Virginia. I worked at Ameriprise Financial, Inc. in Charlottesville, Virginia as a financial planning associate for two and a half years. I moved to Montreal, QC, Canada in 2011 for my MA in Economics at McGill University.

Sarah Schroeder

Aarhus University

I am an Assistant Professor of Economics at Aarhus University and a Fellow of the Research Centre for Firms and Industry Dynamics (FIND). I completed my PhD in Economics at the University of Edinburgh in 2019. My research interests lie at the intersection between international trade, labour and development economics.

Eric Schulman

The University of Texas at Austin

I'm an economics Ph.D. student at The University of Texas at Austin studying econometrics. I am also interested in industrial organization and computational economics.

Juan Sentana

University of Essex

Ekaterina Seregina

University of California, Riverside

I am a PhD candidate at the University of California, Riverside with 4+ years' experience in predictive modeling and statistical inference for asset management and macroeconomic forecasting using graphical models & distributed optimization. Also 4+ years of teaching experience in investments, macroeconomics, statistics, etc.