On job market

Sujan Lamichhane

Johns Hopkins Carey Business School

Kevin Lansing

Salvatore Lattanzio

University of Cambridge

PhD candidate in Economics at University of Cambridge. Research on labour, inequality and gender.

Xiaowen Lei

University of Oxford

I am a Postdoc Prize Research Fellow at the Department of Economics and Nuffield College at Oxford University. Before joining Oxford, I obtained Ph.D. in Economics from Simon Fraser University and worked at the Bank of Canada. I have a broad research interest in macroeconomics and monetary economics, with a concentration on the role of belief heterogeneity and wealth distribution in the financial markets, as well as optimal macroeconomic policy timing issues.

Benson Tsz Kin Leung

University of Cambridge

I am a post-doctoral research associate at the University of Cambridge-INET Institute, and completed my PhD at the Toulouse School of Economics.

My research mainly focuses on understanding how individuals make inferences and decisions with limited cognitive ability, and the mechanism behind different behavioral abnormalities. I also build on my studies of individual decision making to draw implications on market and political competition, and welfare analysis of public policies.

Yaron Levi


Wenhui Li

Goethe University Frankfurt

I am a PhD candidate in Economics at the Goethe University Frankfurt. My research areas include experimental economics, behavioral economics, and Microeconomics. I am on the job market this year.

Since 2017, I have been working as a research assistant in the Leibniz Institute for Financial Research SAFE. I design and implement laboratory experiments to study how decision makers update beliefs and evaluate financial assets under ambiguity.

Merrick Li

University of Cambridge

I am a postdoc research associate in the Faculty of Economics, University of Cambridge. I am also affiliated with the Cambridge-INET institute.

I work on financial econometrics and market microstructure. Specifically, I am interested in volatility estimation and measuring market liquidity using high-frequency data.

Hao Li

University of Amsterdam

I am a PhD candidate in Financial Econometrics at University of Amsterdam. My job market paper proposes a new method to model and forecast yield curves based on factors driving serial dependence of yield curves.

My work focuses on modeling and forecasting financial time series and high-dimensional time series with parametric and non-parametric methods. My research interests are Financial Econometrics, Empirical Asset Pricing, Big Data Analytics, and Machine Learning in Economics and Finance.