On job market

Simon Galle

BI Norwegian Business School

Simon Galle is Assistant Professor at BI Norwegian Business School. His research focuses on questions in Development & Growth and International Trade. Simon earned his PhD at UC Berkeley and holds a Master in Economics from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and undergraduate degrees in Economics and Philosophy from KULeuven.

Matteo Gamalerio

Institut d'Economia de Barcelona, University of Barcelona

I am postdoctoral research fellow at the Institut d'Economia de Barcelona, University of Barcelona. I will present the paper "The Political Economy of Open Borders. Theory and Evidence on the role of Electoral Rules", a joint work with Massimo Morelli and Margherita Negri. In the paper, we study how electoral institutions affect immigration policies.

Gonzalo Garcia-Trujillo

University of Maryland

I am a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Economics at the University of Maryland, College Park. I am a macroeconomist with interests at the intersection of entrepreneurship and macro-labor economics. In my research, I study the business formation process at the individual-level, linking the characteristics of the individuals to the future performance of their businesses and analyzing the macroeconomic implications of their dynamics.

Jonathan Garita

University of Texas at Austin

I am an Economics Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Texas at Austin. My research fields are macro-labor economics, industrial organization, and applied microeconomics. My dissertation analyzes the impact of minimum wages on firms

Ekaterina Gavrilova

Bocconi University

I am PhD candidate in Economics and Finance at Bocconi University. My research interests revolve around Corporate Finance, Industrial Organization, and Innovation. In particular, I study the valuation of intangible assets and their impact on firm boundaries. During 2019/2020, I was visiting the Ross School of Business (University of Michigan).

Christos Genakos

University of Cambridge

Hi, I am a Reader (Associate Professor) in Economics and Policy at the Cambridge Judge Business School of the University of Cambridge. I am also an Associate Researcher of the Centre for Economic Performance (CEP) at the LSE, visiting Associate Professor at Athens University of Economics and Business and a Research Fellow in the Industrial Organization programme of the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). My research focuses on applied microeconomics, with an emphasis on industrial organization and quantitative techniques for competition analysis and regulation.

Kevin Genna

Aix Marseille School of Economics (AMSE)

I am A fourth year PhD candidate at Aix Marseille School of Economics, on the job market this year. I am working on structural change with a focus on the energy transition. I am trying to understand capital movements within the economy in general, and within the energy sector in particular.

George Georgiadis

Northwestern University

Mishel Ghassibe

University of Oxford

Mishel Ghassibe is a PhD Candidate at the Department of Economics, University of Oxford. His research interests are in production networks and goods market frictions, especially in relation to monetary and fiscal policies. Mishel was recently a visiting student researcher at the University of California-Berkeley, as well as David Walton Scholar at the Bank of England. Currently, he is also Chief Expert at the National Bank of Ukraine. Prior to graduate studies, Mishel obtained his undergraduate degree in economics from Trinity College, Cambridge.

Marco Giacoletti

University of Southern California