On job market

Jose Miguel Abito

University of Pennsylvania

I am an Assistant Professor of Business Economics and Public Policy at the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. My main research areas are Industrial Organization, Regulation and Environmental Economics. I am interested in studying how government policies and regulations interact with markets and affect behavior of firms, and how this interaction impacts social welfare.

Gabriel Ahlfeldt


LSE (Professor of Urban Economics and Land Development) RSUE (editor) CEPR (Affiliate) CESIfo (fellow) CEP/SERC (Affiliate) TU Berlin (Lecturer)

Toni Ahnert

Bank of Canada and CEPR

Md. Nazmul Ahsan

Concordia University and CIRANO

Vitali Alexeev

University of Technology Sydney

Laura Alfaro

Samuel Altmann

University of Oxford

I am a DPhil candidate in economics at the University of Oxford. I am interested in empirical IO, healthcare, and market design. I will be presenting my paper "Estimation and Identification of a Dynamic Multi-Object Auction Game". (he/him)

Romulo Alves

Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University Rotterdam

Rómulo is an enthusiastic PhD Candidate in Finance at the Rotterdam School of Management (RSM), Erasmus University Rotterdam. His main research interests lie in corporate governance, corporate finance and corporate social responsibility. He is also interested in climate finance, social and economic networks, and commodity futures markets.

Alexis Anagnostopoulos

Stony Brook University

David Andrés-Cerezo

European University Institute

I am a PhD Candidate in Economics at the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence under the supervision of David K. Levine (first advisor) and Philipp Kircher (second advisor).